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legal services are an important consideration for any business owner, but especially for small business owners, who often face a number of legal hurdles. Protecting the owners personal assets from lawsuits against the business, ensuring protection for the business against lawsuits charging discrimination, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment, and handling employee contracts, copyright claims, and incorporation are just a few of the legal issues that commonly face small business owners. Legal experts with international experience to protect your rights and promote your interests in RUSSIA, IRAN, ARMENIA and Netherland! LEGAL SERVICES THAT WE OFFER TO OUR INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS MEET ALL YOUR REQUAIRMENTS!
Study Abroad
DAVIDSTAR Ltd. is a premier overseas education facilitator, headquartered in SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA,established in the year 2017.Davidstar is the authorized representative of 300+ top universities/ colleges from different countries, with branches and associate offices across Russia and abroad, complementing the management is a team of highly motivated professionals with years of experience and skill. Davidstar team owes its success to the unwavering dedication, ethics, professional practices, continuous investment on staff training, use of state of art technology and above all to its client first policy. We unearth the educational potential of students and offer them the opportunity to study, learn and live abroad.
The DAVIDSTAR Company is a well-established international Russian/ Iranian based tourism consultancy specialising in destination development, destination management, destination branding and tourism marketing strategies. Over the years The DAVIDSTAR Company has conducted more than 50 diverse tourism advisory.We have worked with both public and private sector tourism clients including international tourism agencies, tourism ministries, Destination Marketing Organisations - both national and regional, conservation organisations, convention centres and hotels. The Business Tourism Company applies imaginative thinking to develop and implement creative, results driven strategies. We know how to build a tourism product brand. From maximising human capital competencies and developing niche markets, to increasing leads, we are an experienced team of professionals with a strong track record in practical strategic tourism planning and the expertise to position a destination to increase its share of both the business and leisure travel industry markets. International relationships are our most valuable asset and remain pivotal to our success. We have a growing portfolio of international clients with strong representation in emerging markets and specifically in RUSSIA and IRAN.
DAVIDSTAR SHOP (DAVIDSTAR Ltd) is a privately owned Russian company headquartered in Saint petersburg, Russia, with Sub-offices inIran. We are an eCommerce company that provides a technology platform to brands and retailers that wish to sell online into our markets. Our platform makes brands websites feel and makes it easier for them to complete their purchase, moving seamlessly through the buyer journey, from checkout to returns. More than 10 highly skilled specialists work in our business, spanning the eCommerce areas such as Technology, Product, Operations, Finance and more. If you are passionate about making a difference in the eCommerce space, and are interested in joining us, please contact us.
DAVIDSTAR Sport Services
DAVIDSTAR Ltd will provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation, sport, cultural, social or other leisure time occupation as are beneficial to the community, for the general public in, or in connection with the interests of social welfare. In order to build a strong pathway in sport a strong foundation is needed. The DAVIDSTAR Sport Services teamprovides opportunities for all children and young people to participate in a wide and varied sport and physical activityprograms throughout the year. We provide sports services for staff and students on campus. Different people have different needs and requirements. Sports services need to be aware of these differences and ensure they are inclusive and accessible to all staff, students and local community members.

The International Star Group of David has been registered with the purchase of various small and large companies and converted them into specialized departments to provide complete services to dear fellow Iranians. With the help of specialists in the opposition, we have been able to take a long step forward in providing legal, commercial, sporting and other services in the shortest possible time, with little certainty and cost. Dawood star is a multinational group that has active offices in the entire world and is central to Russia.

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